“Divèsite se esansyèl nan yon sosyete an sante.”

— “Diversity is essential to a healthy society,” in Haitian Creole


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Why We Must Save Dying Tongues

“A lot of people invoke social Darwinism to say ‘who cares,’ but we spend huge amounts of money protecting species and biodiversity, so why should it be that the one thing that makes us singularly human shouldn’t be similarly nourished and protected?” — Mark Turin, from “Why we must save dying tongues” by Rachel Nuwer (BBC)




Diversity & Biodiversity

“I believe the issue of diversity, the amount of it and the content of it, is vital to every aspect of human activity. We cannot conceive of preserving and increasing the quality of life of humanity indefinitely unless we have the resilience and adaptability of life forms around to sustain us. In order for the rest of life to continue to flourish – or to even exist – it is necessary for humanity to preserve as much of the diversity of what remains as we possibly can.” — E. O. Wilson




The Current Debate on Affirmative Action

“The current debate on affirmative action is playing out in the context of widespread anxieties about the changing face of the nation. Research that links diversity to negative outcomes legitimizes these anxieties. And it doesn’t help that this research has found its way into arguments against affirmative action. But disadvantage and unequal opportunities, rather than diversity, present the biggest obstacles to our getting along.” — from “Don’t Blame Diversity for Distrust” by Maria Abascal and Delia Baldassarri (The New York Times)