banner design

We’re currently working on finalizing the design for our diversity-themed banner. Below is a sketch that we’re working with. Earlier this week we had a meeting with members of Oakton’s Art Club, during which we talked about composition ideas, color schemes, logistical considerations, and other aspects of what is going into this project.

Some of the ideas behind the participatory nature of this banner project are drawn from a “End Fracking Now” banner project that I helped to create several years ago, as well as poetry banner projects that I facilitated at Chicago Public Schools.

— Dan Godston

diversity banner sketch

You & the Arts Blog

This “You & the Arts” blog is designed to provide opportunities for those involved with the 2016 diversity-themed banner at Oakton Community College to share how this project is coming along.

Members of the Oakton College Community are helping to design and create this diversity-themed banner. Members of Oakton’s Art Club and Graphic Design Club are helping to design and paint the banner. Students, faculty and staff at Oakton are submitting words, phrases and poems that will be considered as we continue developing this banner project.

This project is being sponsored by Oakton’s Diversity Council, and has received money for this aim.